The Benefits of Custom-Made Jewelry Over Ready-Made Jewelry

Nothing beats purchasing a unique piece of jewellery as a love gesture. Choosing jewellery for a set of gold wedding rings engraved with a personal message on the inside, a diamond eternity ring for your first wedding anniversary, or a sapphire and diamond studded necklace for your wife to commemorate the birth of your first child is always a memorable event. There are several reasons why you should commission a piece rather than simply purchasing anything from your town’s local jewellery chain store:

1) Uniqueness

Making a piece of jewellery bespoke ensures that it is one-of-a-kind, making it extra special and something to cherish for years to come. Most rings sold in local jewellery stores are mass-produced, meaning your ready-to-wear ring is one of hundreds or even thousands. You could even find that someone you know has the same ring as you, thanks to national jewellery chain businesses copying their jewellery designs across the country.

2) Customize and Improve Your Favorite Design

When you choose customised jewellery, you may customise a design to your exact specifications. You may have fallen in love with a design you saw at a jewellery store or on the internet, but by having the same design custom produced, you may improve it by making little changes. Perhaps you’d want the central diamond to be somewhat larger, the ring to be platinum rather than gold, or the side diamonds to be princess cuts rather than rounds. Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to bespoke jewellery.

3) Cost Benefits

You’ve found the ideal piece of jewellery in an internet store or a local jewellery store. Why should you get that design customised if you don’t want to make any modifications to it? The truth is that if you choose the correct bespoke jewellery designer, you can save money on the identical item of jewellery. You should look for a bespoke jewellery designer that works out of a workshop rather than an expensive retail location. Because these enterprises keep their overheads low, they may undercut jewellery stores on comparable pieces while yet providing a high-end personalised tailor-made service.

4) Well-informed

Many shop employees in local jewellery stores aren’t very educated about their products. Those who work in the jewellery industry have received extensive training and know everything there is to know about the industry. These jewellery artisans will be able to provide guidance on all areas of jewellery shopping, including the benefits of picking one metal over another and which diamonds give the most value for money.

5) Business Contacts

Local jewellery stores will not have the same trade relationships as a bespoke jewellery designer who works in the jewellery industry. In order to achieve the best pricing for his customers, an experienced customised jewellery firm will be able to source diamonds and other precious stones from all over the world.

6) Artisanship

Choose a custom created jeweller based in a well-known jewellery production centre, such as Hatton Garden in London, Spain, or Antwerp, Belgium. Different artisans specialise in different areas, making jewellery a highly specialised trade. The top master craftsmen will be conveniently available nearby to finish each stage of the creation if you choose someone in a specialty jewellery manufacturing location. This guarantees that your jewellery is made to the greatest possible standards. At contrast, the quality of production in local jewellery stores is quite inconsistent, with many items being made in low-cost areas like as India, China, and Thailand, where quality control is not a major emphasis. To make matters worse, the sales assistants are unable to distinguish between good and bad quality.

7) CAD (Computer Aided Design) in three dimensions

The primary issue with custom or customised jewellery is that the purchaser has no idea how it will turn out after it is finished. Isn’t it too hazardous to have anything custom created for such a large buy as jewellery? The solution is to hire a bespoke jewellery designer that specialises in 3D computer assisted design, often known as CAD. A 3D jewellery computer aided design expert will develop your custom design on the computer and generate a sequence of images or “renders” of the piece. Those images, astonishingly, resemble genuine photographs, allowing the buyer to see the artwork exactly as it will appear when completed. You’ll be able to see your ring from several perspectives, allowing you to make any necessary modifications before the ring is placed into production, when alterations become much more difficult. Your ring will then be made directly from the computer file, so you’ll get precisely what you see on the screen. The majority of local jewellers, including those who provide custom created services, do not provide this service.